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Tony Gentry

April By the Numbers: A Rant

Updated: May 17

N-95 if you care to survive. The cruelest month, indeed. For Covid-19. Contagious 3 days before you’re sick and maybe 2 weeks after that. The model said 1-2 million dead. Then 100k then 60? No 60k by May Day. MayDay?  MayDay for true. N-95? We all need somebody to lean on. Coronavirus the 19th. 100 body bags to a reefer truck. Zoom meeting at 9 am. 14 days in quarantine. The Dow down by 1/3. 30 million out of work. Presser at 5 o’clock. N-95?  (He put it on upside down.) 3 trillion spent and still where is the check? Quadruple the numbers from China. Must fall 2 weeks in a row if you want to flatten the curve. To get the R number down to 1 or less. Canned beans limit of 2. 1 teaspoon of bleach in 12 ounces of water is what the man prescribed. N-95, anybody got a N-95? Mostly they made love from 6 feet away. 18 months to vaccine. 6 to the election. That lady was Patient 0. Uganda has 1 ventilator. 5-fold increase in cyber-attacks. Fuck the N-95, wear this bandana like a cowboy thief. 3 million so far. In Europe 1/2 the dead lived in care homes. But the little boy was just 3. They’re called numbers because they’re numbing.

Well how about this: Already in April more people have fallen than all the cherry petals on our lawn.

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