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Tony Gentry

Sarah Knorr: Collected Poems

Sarah Oliver Knorr (1955-2020) described herself this way in one of the literary journals that published her poetry: "Descended from farmers, storytellers, artists and risk-takers, Sarah grew up in love with moss, cicada shells, lightning bugs and elvers. Her writing is both meditation and the preservation of transcendent moments. Impelled by wonder, steeped in grace, she loves the universe with a timeless heart. In another literary journal, she wrote: I have spent a lifetime in human services and advocacy roles, and honor the master teachers who arrive daily. I now savor life with my beloved husband of many years, our intrepid children, and our granddaughter whose attention to wonder reminds us of the magic in any given roadside pebble." We live in gratitude for Sarah’s work, her love, her vision, and now at last, her collected poems.

Proceeds from book sales go to Writer House workshops in Charlottesville, one of Sarah's favorite programs.

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