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Tony Gentry

Breonna Taylor Poems

Updated: May 17

By the end of the week, will have posted all 100 Sappho-inspired poems in honor of Ms. Taylor on Twitter. Posting here an especially topical one, with the Chauvin murder trial entering its second week. (To read them all, go to @tony_gentry on Twitter and scroll.)


Yes Breonna, you may be sure Across the globe the people Will spread your name.

Tell the life we shared here, Make of you a goddess incarnate, The best among us.

Now among newscasters Floyd in his turn claims the headlines As the red-fingered moon Rising at sunset takes Precedence over the sky’s stars;

Yet your light spreads equally On the salt sea and fields thick with bloom Wherever dew pours down to freshen Roses, bluegrass, and blossoming Sweet clover.

Your smile encircles the globe Your gentle face, so our hearts Hang heavy with mourning.

We shout aloud, SAY HER NAME! We know it; thousand-eared night marchers Repeat our cry across the seas Shining between us.

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