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Tony Gentry

January by the Numbers

Updated: May 17

Last April – seems so long ago now – I posted this rant: Revisiting the numbers game today, when the shock of that horrifying month has long been overcome by the count of those that followed.

On Day 1 New Year’s Day the total: 83.9 million Corona cases/350,000 dead. Imagine Miami, everyone dead. Or St. Louis, all dead. That day, as most days, the US No. 1, 166,113 testing positive, 3,462 dead, and again on this day as on 307 other days of his term nearly 1 year of his 4 the President plays 18-holes.

Other numbers: The golfing President begs 1 state for 11,780 make-believe votes 2 Democrats win there on the same day 1000s sack the Capitol, hunting heads Q’s and 3-percenters and so-called Proud Boys 5 die. In 2021‘s 1st month 140,000 more Americans lose their jobs. Food lines, testing lines, and now lines for 2 vaccines with 95% effectiveness. But also 3, no 4, new Covid-19 strains. You need 2 shots spaced 3 weeks apart if you can find 1.

Then wait 2 weeks, or 3, but maybe then you can still be a spreader. And will they kill the new strains? Here’s a 1-shot vaccine, too. What does 65% effective even mean?

73 last minute pardons of cronies and crooks. The golfing President impeached a 2nd time. 10 months along, somehow still not enough N95’s. ICUs at 110% capacity.

You’re better off with 2 masks they tell us now.

On the 31st, a Sunday, 24.4 million Americans have been vaccinated (just 305 million to go!) as we continue our run at No. 1: 133,746 new cases, 2641 dead in 1 day of the worst month yet.

The new old President, just 10 days in, goes to church and prays, no doubt, for 3 things: Unity, mercy, and resolve.


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