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Tony Gentry

Note from a Friend in Federal Prison

Updated: May 17

Followers of this blog will recall that I have a friend in a minimum security federal prison.  However tough your home confinement may be now, it’s nothing compared to what’s going on there, even in minimum.  Here’s an excerpt from a letter just received:

Any story you read about the Bureau of Prisons response to coronavirus, take whatever they claim, and flip it.  They are in Deny, Lie, Mislead, Obfuscate, Deceive, Deflect…Mode.  We never get a straight answer.  The virus is now officially on our compound, but Admin is still in denial.  One AW said, “I don’t want our numbers to look bad,” when asked about why we are not being tested.  And all the stories about the BOP trying to send people home?  It’s a trickle, at best. We are still at 160 guys in a dorm made for 124.  We have not been allowed outside in over 40 days.  People getting crazy!  The Psych and Ed departments are trying to bring us stuff to keep us busy, and your books help – thank you!  All my running progress – I was up to 10 miles/day on our little track out back – now I’m back to square one.

I am of course filing my paperwork to go home.  I will be denied because of the fear tactics, but I will appeal it up the line – hoping that actual facts and data showing I am a minimal risk will win out.  One in a million chance, but “No” is free!  I am tutoring a couple guys in Spanish and taught one of my buddies to crochet.  The days are LONG!

The riot squad has been called in a couple times, b/c the guys got tired of the constant “spin” and didn’t obey direct orders.  It can get pretty tense, especially now that guys are sick due to staff releasing a few fellows from quarantine too early and they were actually positive so infected their units.

I could ramble on endlessly about BOP mismanagement but it’s not productive.  Box dinner time!  Peace and Love!

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