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Tony Gentry

Our Breakthrough Quarantine – a poem

Our son Nick, an ocean rescue lifeguard in Nags Head, NC, was vaccinated in May but this month came down with breakthrough covid, and quarantined with his gf, also a lifeguard and vaccinated and sick, at the beach. They’re okay now, back in town. He said they hunkered down indoors, ordered out, played video games, and only ventured outside one night late for a walk. Sentimental dad goes….

In our masks we hold hands bare feet splashed in the sand still warm all these hours after sunset.

The 8th of our 10 days sequestered. Our first outside but late.

Whenever the hospitals normalize and the masks come off

it will be this squish of sand, the sea wash, that wagging finger of moonlight tracking our solitary stroll…

If we are among the lucky and why not? Or wherever you may be, I know I’ll say but still, there was that night

when we both were feeling better that pinned it all.

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