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Tony Gentry

Paired Viruses: a poem

Updated: May 17

A virus can’t act alone. Needs your participation. Just a burr of contagion sucked in on the air you breathe, that finds a weak link, a chink in a cell, then incubates until the fever burns.

Clots your brain, swells your lungs, inflames the hearts of children too young to understand.

With this one, we have carriers who infect others but never suffer themselves and super-spreaders who sicken whole crowds as if spewing from megaphones.

How it preys on the weak, the under-served, those frayed at the end of their rope.

One thing, though, some recover. Yet speak of its tortures with awe. How it knelt on their throats and chests until they gasped their mama’s name.

A virus is a frightful thing. A virus can’t act alone.

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