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Tony Gentry

Space Aliens…poem

Updated: May 17

This poem is in my new book collection Yearnful Raves, and strikes me as appropriate to the current situation:

Space Aliens Learning English Come Upon the Dictionary Page that Begins with Colonel Blimpism and Ends with Colorway

Discovering that a phenomenon of light or perception is how we distinguish otherwise identical things, and that this inflection named color is often used among humans in that way.

Though some are color-blind, it seems and others call others colored, and those without color – because the definition of color excludes the phenomenon of light we call white these whites block those with color (But why? And how?) from participating in various activities.

Color bar/color line.

Why would the colorless do such a thing?

And how do they distinguish anyway?

Is that what this device a colorimeter is for?

Are there colorists who decide? Do they fear those with something called color temperature?

Blackbodies that can emit radiant energy to evoke color?

That’s it! (They say.) We’ve got it. The key’s right here on this page. Now we know what moves them. And the word we’ll use when we go down to colonize.

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