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Tony Gentry

Most Important Documents Now

Updated: May 17

Everyone on tv and social media seems to be squabbling over facts, fake news, and truthiness, but few of us seem to have read the documents we’re arguing about. These are all dry reads, and none has what you might call a Hollywood ending (at least not yet), but they’re essential to clearing away smoke screens of bias and propaganda as we go forward into the new decade. I’ve read ‘em all (aren’t I special?) and recommend them. The titles are web links. These are primary sources so we can all cut the spin and decide for ourselves.

UN Climate Action Report. Bleak, yes, but also includes a plan for a way forward, if we all get onboard.

The Afghanistan Papers. Kudos to The Washington Post for this blockbuster report which clearly shows that the only thing learned from Vietnam was eliminating the draft. As has been noted, Osama Bin Laden is no doubt laughing in his watery grave.

The Torture Report. This document (much of which is redacted and still classified) about what dear Vice President Cheney dubbed “enhanced interrogation” dates from 2014, but with the new (no, not Star Wars, the other one) Adam Driver movie out….

Senate Intelligence Committee Report on Russian Interference in 2016 Presidential Campaign: I may be the only person in America who has actually read this bipartisan report, but anyone who cares to know which country really interfered and how they’re already planting bots and hacks for 2020 should do so.

The Mueller Report: Companion piece to the previous recommendation, again heavily redacted, but boy, that Mueller’s team ducked charging the President after all this, well, talk about swampy! And if a two-volume narrative all done up in legalese (and those redactions) feels like a heavy lift, The Washington Post has published a free illustrated e-reader version here.

The Zelinsky Call: This one’s short, but have you read it?

House Intelligence Committee Impeachment Report: Maybe you saw it on tv, maybe you missed some of it, well, it’s all here.

The Breitbart Emails on Southern Poverty Law Center website. Trump advisor Stephen Miller’s white nationalist emails, advising right wing media on how to play the racist card. That this guy is driving a lot of White House policy is frankly terrifying.

Inspector General’s Report on Emoluments at the Trump Hotel in DC. Fascinating to me for how the Trump Administration has booted all responsibility for this gross Constitutional breach, each government agency tossing the hot potato to the next.

Here’s to a better informed, balanced, and loving 2020. Election Day is exactly 10 months and 2 days away!

Addendum – January 20, 2020. Trial Memorandum: The document detailing the U.S. House of Representatives’ case for impeachment of the President.

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