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Tony Gentry

Mother’s Day 2021

Updated: May 17

Some things Mom’s I know have gone through in this covid year:

Masked up every day all day at work. Worked doubles for weeks treating covid patients. Was laid off after twenty-five years with the same company, eventually finding part-time gigs to keep going. Was laid off and started her own virtual therapy company – while pregnant. Nurtured her son who was driving in a car crash that killed her husband and his dad. Turned her home into a hospice for her dying husband. Tried to work from home while son had periodic melt-downs while zooming schoolwork in the same room. Tried to work from home while daughter had periodic melt-downs while zooming schoolwork in the same room. Figured out how to teach on zoom and face-to-face at the same time. Organized a socially-distanced funeral for the 99-year old grandmother she had supported for years. Gently counseled a college-age son who, flushed home from campus, gave up classes for shooter games all semester. Took in her adult daughter who’d been laid off and lost her apartment. Picked up volunteer gigs giving vaccinations. Home-schooled kids who could not manage remote curricula.

No doubt you have your own list of motherly heroics from this harrowing year. Today, let’s all make an extra effort to make this the happiest Mother’s Day it can be, eh?

And re parenting, check out this adorable video our son shot of the bluebirds in our front yard birdhouse.

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